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What my clients say....

"You are my dream coach. 


You always show me something different, new, creative that simply works! 


Thank you for that!"

I would recommend Martin to anyone in a heartbeat. Not only has he got years of valuable experience under his belt, he is a calming and reassuring coach who coaxes out the qualities you already have - but didn't realise - to give you the confidence you need to secure your next role.

Kelly Haddow

Martin's coaching skills and insight allowed me to identify potential barriers to my success and set in place actions to overcome these.He is also an excellent presenter with a very calm and engaging manner ensuring he relates what he is talking about to the people in the room.

Angus Robinson

I would certainly recommend Martin Garrity as a career coach. The help and assistance I received from him exceeds what I have had from any other quarter. Most career advice centres on where to look for work, and by contrast, Martin's greatest asset is explaining how to look for work. How to construct and then improve the CV, and hone it to perfection. How to approach an interview, what questions to consider in advance, and preparation in presenting succinct answers to anticipated and predetermined questions. The whole concept of job seeking is broken down, analysed, and pulled apart, then reconstructed in a way that inspires confidence and self esteem. If I am ever in the unfortunate position to be looking for work again, I will beat a path straight to Martin's door, and know I will receive a warm unassuming welcome, and the assurance of proffessional help.

Martyn Howden

I undertook several coaching sessions with Martin when I had reached a cross roads in my career and was wondering which direction to go in. I found Martin's approach both professional and extremely useful - his skills and knowledge as a coach helped me to reframe and overcome what I saw as obstacles at the time - enabling me to make a clear decision and take decisive action to move forward. I would recommend him to anyone who feels stuck, and is wondering where to take their career next.

Julia Davis

Martin provides an excellent ear for listening and for reflecting back to you what you’ve been trying to clarify. He listened carefully to all of the additional info I threw in as I searched my own mind for what I was looking for. He also provided me with observations of others in similar positions, ideas for different perspectives and contacts that I could approach for further discussion. He provided all of this with a very sympathetic approach to how and when we could interact. I always came away from our discussions highly motivated and energised and confident that I could find what I was looking for... I would highly recommend his services to others in a similar situation. 

Keren Cockram

 I can't state enough the benefit that someone like Martin can offer in terms of seeing things through the perspective of the hirer / HR professional and the orientation they can provide to what may have become the most difficult tasks you will have taken on in your career. As for Martin himself, what hugely impressed me was not only his clarity of purpose but his prioritisation of the HUMAN side of the experience and ensuring your thinking is in the right place before working on your strategy and practicals steps to get where you want to be heading. I'd therefore not hesitate to recommend Martin!

Glen Burridge

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