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So you're out of work and looking for a job.


Perhaps you've been made redundant, maybe even fired from your last role.


Maybe you resigned from your previous job thinking it would be easy to get a new one.... and it's proving more difficult than you thought.


You might have been looking for a while and are getting disheartened.


No matter what your situation is, there's a way out of the problem.


If you lost your job recently, you may be experiencing a mix of emotions – anger, disappointment, bitterness, guilt or even shame. It's important to ackowledge these emotions, let them sit there for a while and then to rise above them. Not easy to do but talking it through with somebody else often has a cathartic effect – allowing you to move on and cultivate the right habits.


Jobseeking is like getting fit. If you go for a walk or visit the gym once or twice, you won't see or feel much of a difference.


But if you go regularly until it becomes habitual, you'll get fitter.

Colourful gym weights

Successful jobseeking means cultivating the right habits and practicing them regularly. So that – over time – you will improve your chances of getting the role that you really want.


The first piece of advice I often give to a long term jobseeker sounds counter-intuitive. I suggest that they stop applying for jobs! Sounds crazy, right?


You can find some of the reasons I give this advice here


Scrolling through job boards and applying for jobs that you think might be suitable is unlikely to get the result that you're hoping for. There are too many other people also looking at the job and thinking the same as you. The sheer numbers of people sending in their CVs means that some of them will be a closer fit to the job than you are.


Add to this sobering thought the fact that the recruiter will receive so many applications that she/he will probably not send you a formal rejection email. You most likely won't hear anything at all.


My clients tell me that direct applications and the silence that follows is perhaps the most demoralising part of jobsearch.

Anxious guy

If that story sounds familiar, I can help you to find alternative strategies that are more likely to lead to success and that will not sap your morale.


Call me on +44 (0) 7977 531124, email for an initial free chat about your situation.

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