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Career Starters

Getting your first steps on the ladder of working life is a big moment for anyone. It can feel exciting, daunting and even bewildering.

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People leaving the education system come to me for many different reasons. Some are focussed on writing a compelling CV (Resume) or Covering Letter. Some are not sure how to go about it because they 'don't have any experience or provable skills, yet”.


Others are undecided on what direction they want their career to take. Others feel ovewhelmed by the choices they face.


Some career starters whom I work with just want to get a job. So that they can earn some money and get their lives started. I can help these people to make achieve their aims through targeted jobsearch that makes the best use of the experience and skills they've acquired to date. In some cases I work with these early careers people again later n their lives to help them to take the next career step – not a job that pays me enough to cover the bills and my student debt but one that does all that PLUS aligns with my values and psychological drivers


Others are more hesitant – unsure what direction to take. Supporting people in this situation means delving into what the person sees as their strength or even true purpose in life. Profound questions perhaps but well worth thinking through.

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What seems to unite most career starters these days is the aspiration to achieve lasting value – to “make a difference”. This ambition takes many forms.


Some want to make lots of money to fund their passion. Others want to save the planet. Or to support vulnerable or disadvantaged people or animals.


Still others are clear about their career path (“I want to be a practising psychotherapist, paramedic, research scientist, youth leader, ski instructor or fashion designer etc”). In these cases, it's breaking into the field when they have little experience so far that's often the issue. There are ways to demonstrate your capability for work in which you little or no experience – I can help you to make that case.


Get in touch or ive me a call on +44 (0) 7977 531124 to have an initial talk about your worries and to make a start on building your career. If you're still in study or left formal education in the last 3 years, you can have an taster session of at least 40 mins for £49. Or a full hour for only £75.

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