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Career Returners

Been away from the world of work to look after children? Or perhaps to care for an elderly dependent? Taken a sabbatical to travel or for health reasons?


Ready to get back to work?


You might be experiencing mixed emotions. Excitement perhaps at returning to a world that you've missed whilst away. Tinged with guilt about leaving behind a phase of your life in which you focussed on the needs of others?


Or maybe what's important in your life has changed whilst you've been away. You might be thinking of returning to work but taking a whole new direction. Fancy starting your own business? Or making a radical career change in a wholly new direction?


Like the former Sales Manager who wanted to retrain as a schoolteacher. Or the Finance Director who wanted to start his own landscape gardening business.


Some people feel anxious at this time – worried that their skills might not be as sharp after a period away. Or concerned that the organisation will have evolved or changed in some way and that she/he will not 'fit in' or be somehow unable to deliver in the way she/he did previously.


All these worries are understandable. But can all be addressed.


For example, if your confidence is low, there are strategies that you can use to manage the moments in your day where you find yourself thinking “I'm not sure I can do this”.

A thoughtful woman

You might be worried that the world you knew so well previously has changed whilst you've been away. It probably has but that need not mean that you cannot succeed when you return. If you're returning to the same organisation for which you used to work, people will have moved on. New people will have arrived.


But this need not threaten you. There are ways to make the transition back to work smooth by preparing thoroughly.

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Whatever your thinking is, I can help you to look at all the issues objectively. To assess risks and to manage them. To make plans and to prepare for this momentous next step – so that you can enjoy the ride and achieve your newly calibrated goals.

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Give me a call on +44 (0) 7977 531124 to have an initial talk about your worries and to make a start on building your next career step. Or email

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