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Career Switchers

Is your manager driving you crazy? Unhappy with the culture at your current employer? Do you sometimes think that you'd be happier working somewhere else?


Getting a new job whilst you're already working presents a slightly different challenge to that facing the unemployed.


The risk for an unemployed jobseeker is in continuing in a jobless state with all the financial, psychological and domestic damage that follows.


For the employed jobseeker, the risk might be changing jobs but finding that the new role is insecure or perhaps just as uncomfortable as the last one – out of the frying pan into the fire.


Or the current role might be so corrosive to your happiness or confidence that the biggest risk is in staying there – you're under pressure to get out for the sake of your wellbeing.


I can help you to make the right decision. We can work out your options. We can risk assess each based on the criteria that are most important to you.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7977 531124 to have an initial talk about your worries and to make a start on building your next career step. Or email

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