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  • Martin Garrity

Preparing for Interviews

So you're a jobseeker and you've been invited for an interview. Hurrah! Not so fast. There's serious thinking to be done. Here's my quick interview preparation checklist:

- Have I researched the organisation sufficiently?

- What topics matter to this organisation right now?

- What questions might I be asked? (How will I answer them?)

- What personal achievements can I describe that show I can excel at this role?

- Have I reviewed my notes from previous interviews so that I can learn from any mistakes?

- What are the key weaknesses in my candidacy? (How will I explain or mitigate those?)

- Who will be interviewing me?

- Have I looked them up on LinkedIn?

- Which version of my CV did I send and have I printed it off?

- Have I printed off the cover letter I used?

- Have I printed off the job ad (if any) and any other documents the organisation sent me?

- Are there any printed examples of my work that I can take with me that show my skills?

- How will I get to the venue in time, unflustered and prepared?

- What's the weather forecast?

- What will I wear? (Do I need to take stuff to the dry cleaners? What is the dress code for this organisation?)

- Have I looked at Glassdoors preparation advice?

- What questions will I ask?

Preparing for interviews might make the difference between rejection and getting the all-important offer

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